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We want you to feel good, and it feels good to you, that's why we choose REAL FOOD in our kitchen, knowing the origin of our raw materials and preparing our own recipes, without processing, without artificial preservatives, with products of proximity and preferably organic.

  • The vegetables and nuts we use are Locally sourced
  • We contribute to fair trade and the subsistence of small farmers and fishermen
  • Our meats and sausages are from local and most of them with organic certification
  • Our fish are local and certified sustainable fishing
  • We work with winegrowers of the territory in the elaboration of our proprietary APROPPÒSIT wines
  • The spices we use in our dishes are natural and local (except for curry)
  • And all our pastries are homemade, healthier, light and very tasty.
Our purpose is to act sustainably in the management of our restaurants and create a positive impact on people, the territory and the environment.

Jordi Carreras

Music Curator

The sound atmosphere is the musical setting that, together with a good image, service and design, can configure the space to provide a touch of quality and distinction that sets us apart.

There are certain gastronomic-cultural, or cultural-gastronomic concerns, depending on how you look at it, and something as old as eating with music has its charm. Sometimes it can even seem a bit chic, but you always want to be in a place that makes you feel different.

Our MUSIC CURATOR doesn't just curate music, but also creates an experience, an atmosphere, a culture. Tailor music to a brand by blending science-based research, market research, brand research, customer interviews, understanding of lifestyle and music trends, knowledge of music and knowing how music will sound in a specific environment with specific people.

Oh, and having a good filter to know which music works and which one doesn't.

Plan for equality and promotion
for a professional career at El PÒSIT

Plan for equality and promotion

El Pòsit Group

Labor conditions
2 holidays a week
Fixed-term or permanent-seasonal contract
Waiter assistant
1.680 €
1.890 €
1.850 €
2.100 €
Cook assistant
1.680 €
1.890 €
2.100 €
Head Chef
3.000 €

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